1993 part 2

Ahead of their headline appearance at the Reading Festival, Rage Against The Machine arrived in Belfast on 25/8/93 for a legendary gig at the Ulster Hall.

This gig was one of my all time favourite shows and I will never forget the atmosphere at this one. It was just electric. The whole place was bouncing.

Another trip down south to Dublin for my first U2 gig.  My first U2 gig should have been at the King’s Hall in 1987 but I never got a ticket for it.  Had to wait until 28/8/93 to see them on the Zoo TV tour at the RDS.

Looking back on this gig I still see my first U2 gig as a disappointment. Maybe it was the expectations I had set up for myself ahead of this gig. Visually it was amazing but I was feeling unwell towards the end which probably explains why I didn’t enjoy it so much. I would get another chance to see the band in 1997.

Last gig of the year was to see the mighty Therapy? at the Ulster Hall on 19/12/93.  The now traditional Christmas gig was in it’s second year and Therapy? did not disappoint.

There was a massive queue outside waiting to get in. The prized item seems to have been a 7″ single of unreleased material for Christmas. Me and my mate Paul were within touching distance of the doors opening before the bouncers decided to split the queue resulting in us not getting the record! Massive disappointment in not getting the single but deadly gig. The record would probably have got smashed in the mosh pit!

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