Which gig would you have liked to have seen?

I came across this article on RTE's website today and it got me thinking was there any gigs I had wish I had seen. http://www.rte.ie/entertainment/2019/1105/1088673-live-aid-tops-list-of-gigs-most-wish-they-had-seen/ According to this article Live Aid is one of the gigs that most British fans would like to have seen live. I must admit Live Aid doesn't quite top the … Continue reading Which gig would you have liked to have seen?


Post grunge I was starting to find new bands to get into.  With Britpop starting to dominate, there was some exciting new British bands coming onto the scene which didn't quite fit in with the Britpop image. Placebo were one such band which could have fitted in with the American alt-rock image.  They came to … Continue reading 1997

1993 part 2

Ahead of their headline appearance at the Reading Festival, Rage Against The Machine arrived in Belfast on 25/8/93 for a legendary gig at the Ulster Hall. This gig was one of my all time favourite shows and I will never forget the atmosphere at this one. It was just electric. The whole place was bouncing. … Continue reading 1993 part 2