#DontSkip @AlbumDayUK

I didn’t know that such a day existed but this is the second year running and supported by BBC Sounds.

The theme this year is #DontSkip. What is your favourite album that you play from start to finish that you don’t lift the needle and move onto the next track or if you are playing a CD you just hit the skip button.

This got me thinking and I created an event page on my Facebook page which hosts my blog.

The online event page is at facebook.com/events/5001296… where you can come along and add to the discussion board of what your favourite album is.

This is a friendly forum for debate amongst music fans. My local HMV in Belfast are doing some stuff in their store today and I am sure other stores will be doing something similar almost a bit like Record Store Day but without the exclusive releases!

HMV in Belfast have been supportive of me regarding this blog and for today’s event they have kindly donated a voucher to be won which can be used in store for a future purchase. I will be drawing a winner randomly for this.

I have a massive list of favourite albums to choose from. Wonder what one I will go for.

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