Thanks for taking the time to visit and read my blog.

This blog started with a very simple premise, upload concert tickets from over the years and try your best to remember what was memorable about them. We are talking over 30 years here.

I hoped to be able to connect with other music fans who may have been at these shows or similar ones elsewhere.

During the course of writing this blog I expanded it to include reviews of albums hitting a certain milestone or just writing about music in general.

Last year when the COVID-10 pandemic happened I found myself working from home and starting to listen to my vast music collection. Lockdown in a strange way has rejuvenated my love of music. I have went from not having much time to listen to music, to finding the time and slowly digesting it all.

The result of this was the Music life in lockdown blog which at point of writing has reached week 38 but by Christmas it was week 40 and I have decided to wrap that up. 40 is a nice number to conclude.

I have have other interests as well especially comics and I also enjoy running too.

I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and we have a very vibrant music scene both north and south.

My goal for 2021 is to keep this blog going. Thanks for reading.