#AtoZBest90sAlbum Week 3

Third batch of albums from the 1990s is picked for week 3 which covers 15 to 21 April. #AtoZBest90sAlbum Day O OK Computer - Radiohead (1997) Favourite tracks:LuckyKarma PoliceExit Music (For a Film)Airbag pic.twitter.com/no4MiFeiaO — Paul Clarke (@clarke371) April 15, 2021 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js #AtoZBest90sAlbum Day P Pisces Iscariot - Smashing Pumpkins (1994) Picked up this awesome … Continue reading #AtoZBest90sAlbum Week 3

#AtoZBest80sAlbum Week 4

Fourth batch of albums from the 1980s is picked for week 4 which covers 22 to 27 January. #AtoZBest80sAlbum@Pia_Lemonade @sotachetan Letter V: Vivid (1988) Living Colour Highlights: Cult of Personality Middle Man Funny Vibe pic.twitter.com/LBXRgwmSFw — Paul Clarke (@clarke371) January 22, 2021 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js #AtoZBest80sAlbum@Pia_Lemonade @sotachetan Letter W: War (1983) U2 Highlights: New Year’s Day Sunday … Continue reading #AtoZBest80sAlbum Week 4