Who remembers doing a mixtape? Those of us of a certain ahem, age will probably fondly remember putting together music on a tape either from a collection of our favourite songs, tracks from the radio (yeah we are good at doing home taping back then!) or maybe you put together a collection of tracks if you were attempting to win over a girl or boy of your dreams.

I made quite a few of these which were really like your best of tapes. When it got to the more digital age, I did download songs and burn it to CD. This was another way of doing it.

But for the 21st century how do you do a mix tape? Well the answer to that is Spotify. For a long while I have resisted using Spotify or any of the streaming platforms. Personally I prefer to go and buy my music whether it is online or at a music shop. But I have been using Spotify more lately not so much for wanting access to my favourite bands new album but it is a good tool for searching for songs or albums for Twitter polls.

Which brings me to Twitter and currently I follow 7RockLists which is run by Connor in Australia. I have been taking part on these online polls as they are good fun and it gives you something to do in midst of lockdown. I miss going to gigs but interacting with other music fans who have the same musical tastes as yourself is great.

Connor runs a website where you can pick you favourite artists, songs and albums.

Recently he invited me to put together a mixtape and I rose to the challenge. Connor invited me to submit a best of album of my favourite songs from 2004 with two bonus tracks. I went online and done a bit of research looking for rock songs from that year. Must admit it was a bit hard as 2004 wasn’t quite a vintage year music wise for me but there are some songs from that year that I liked.

You can find my selection here on Spotify. Please have a visit and listen. You can comment on the thread if you liked it and vote for mine in the poll.

The selection of songs I picked from 2004 were mostly American and British bands plus one Swedish band.

This was really good fun putting together. I know I don’t give Spotify enough credit but it is good for doing this as it saves hours on end trying to go through your record collection to pick a greatest hits tape and it is so easy to drag the songs and in no time you have created your own album.

Have a listen and I hope you enjoy it.

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