#3albums92 Twitter poll

#3albums92 Twitter poll

One of the joys of listening to music during lockdown is taking part in the weekly Twitter poll hosted by Richard Shaw. All last week I have been listening to about 28 albums from my collection from 1992. At least four of them were not going to count – Alice In Chains Sap was an EP, Nirvana’s Incesticide is a collection of b sides and unreleased songs following the breakthrough success of Nevermind from the previous year, the Singles CD was a movie soundtrack and my naughty inclusion was adding Mother Love Bone which was a compilation album of their earlier 1990 release. Still a great album to listen to but if I’m honest none of those albums going to be anywhere near my top 3 which was at the start of the week more or less decided before listening .

But would there be a surprise? At the end of the week there would be and it surprised me as for a long time the top 3 that I was going for – Sugar, Rage Against The Machine and Faith No More have always been mainstays in any top 10 poll but during the week Alice In Chains took the third spot. Dirt is a great album and I love Angel Dust as well but it managed to sneak in.

The favourite to win was always going to be REM’s Automatic For The People. It was never going to be my choice. My favourite REM album is the follow up to that, Monster. So, Copper Blue by Sugar came second in the poll, with Rage Against The Machine 5th and my late entry of Alice In Chains got 15th. Faith No More shared joint 10th place with The Cure so on hindsight I could have had three albums in the top 10 but no, I made the right choice. Those three albums that I picked have always been favourites and albums that I have time after time going back to listen to during lockdown.

Biggest surprise for me from Richard’s list was that both albums released by Bruce Springsteen didn’t poll at all. To be fair they weren’t the Boss’s best in my opinion.

Which leaves what to do with the rest of my list. I think I will do my own list of what was the best for me in 1992. In brackets I will list the albums that placed on Richard’s poll in italics. It has been an absolute blast listening to these albums again and really appreciating the diverse range of musical tastes from that year.

My 1992

  1. Sugar – Copper Blue (2)
  2. Rage Against The Machine – S/T (5)
  3. Alice In Chains – Dirt (15)
  4. Faith No More – Angel Dust (10)
  5. Sonic Youth – Dirty (18)
  6. The Lemonheads – It’s a Shame About Ray (4)
  7. Helmet – Meantime
  8. Therapy? – Nurse (*)
  9. Buffalo Tom – Let Me Come Over (26)
  10. Various – Singles OST
  11. Megadeth – Countdown to Extinction (*)
  12. Nirvana – Incesticide
  13. Mother Love Bone – S/T
  14. Screaming Trees – Sweet Oblivion (*)
  15. Alice in Chains – Sap
  16. Mudhoney – Piece of Cake
  17. REM – Automatic For The People (1)
  18. Warrior Soul – Salutations From The Ghetto Nation
  19. L7 – Bricks Are Heavy
  20. Soul Asylum – Grave Dancers Union
  21. Manic Street Preachers – Generation Terrorists (8)
  22. King’s X – S/T
  23. Bruce Springsteen – Human Touch
  24. Bruce Springsteen – Lucky Town
  25. AC/DC – Live
  26. The Offspring – Iginition
  27. Gun – Gallus
  28. Extreme – 3 Sides To Every Story

Bubbling under on the poll (*) included Screaming Trees, Megadeth and Therapy?

Next week it is the turn of 2003. I better start my research now. It is great fun to join in, search for the hashtag #3albums03 for next weeks poll.

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