On Wednesday I will get to see Pixies play Belfast for the first time since 1990.They played at the Ulster Hall on 2 October 1990 during the Bossanova tour. At that stage I had never heard of them. It was only until I started listening to Nirvana a year later that things began to change. I started to listen to more alternative rock as it was known picking up some great bands along the way.

I think it may have been around the time 1991 or 1992 whilst at work one of my colleagues let be borrow two Pixies albums that he recommended for me seeing that I liked Nirvana.

The two albums were Doolittle and Bossanova. I was blown away by both these albums and fell in love with the band instantly. Sadly it was a case of getting into a band at the wrong time.

Bossanova is considered by many fans as not their best piece of work but when I heard it first time round it felt like I was discovering a new band but little did I know that they had been around awhile so it was a case of getting their entire input to listen to.

So they became my new favourite band. I blame Nirvana but in a good way!

Then it was no more. The band broke up and Frank Black went solo. I managed to get to one of his solo shows in Dublin in 2001and when he done a few Pixies songs the place erupted.

I also discovered Kim Deal’s side project The Breeders who I really liked. Cannonball being one of the best singles of the 1990’s.

I got to see The Breeders support Nirvana in 1992 at the King’s Hall. After that she fronted another band, The Amps before reforming The Breeders again in 2002.

Then in 2004 the news broke that Pixies had reformed and would be hitting the road again doing a reunion tour. Tickets for this were hard to get and the only Irish show they did was in support of Red Hot Chili Peppers at Dublin’s Phoenix Park.

I was at that gig solely for Pixies but with such a big crowd it was hard to get anywhere near the front and I must admit seeing them for the first time was a big disappointment.

However all was not lost as I got another chance to see them that summer when they played at T in the Park festival in Scotland. This time I really enjoyed it.

The following year 2005 they supported Kings of Leon in Dublin. I got to see Kings of Leon with friends in Belfast but Pixies weren’t the support. I was not happy about that!

The 20th anniversary of Doolittle was celebrated in 2009. My favourite Pixies album and I never go to see them as all three nights in the Olympia sold out quiet quickly.

Another two nights were played at the Olympia were played in November 2013 and again sold out quickly. Was I ever going to get to see them indoors?

In 2013 Kim Deal left the band and they released their first album since 1991Indy Cindy. Kim Deal was replaced by Kim Shattuck but by the time they toured the album in 2014 she was replaced by Paz Lenchatin.

They came to Ireland in the summer of 2014 in support of Arcade Fire at Marlay Park. Never managed to get a ticket for that one either.

A new album Head Carrier was released in the autumn of 2016. I managed to get tickets for gigs at Iveagh Gardens in 2016 and they came back the following summer 2017 to play at Trinity College. Both were outdoor gigs and I really enjoyed both shows. They just play music with little or no interaction with the crowd. I don’t mind that.

Now this year 2019 they have just released Beneath the Eyrie and I like what I have heard so far. When the European tour was announced I was so pleased they are coming back to Belfast. The gig sold out instantly and I am one of the lucky ones to get a ticket for their return to the iconic Ulster Hall.

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