What is your favourite era?

Everybody has their favourite era of music.  I was born in the 70s and it was really only the tail end of the 70s and into the 80s that I started to like music but for me the era that defined me most was the 90s.

Now I sound old and boring because I subscribe to the school of thought that thinks modern music is rubbish.  For me it all ended in 1995-96 as the best era in music came to a close for me.

I have tried to listen to bands since that period but some of them haven’t quite worked out for me and I tend not to get too excited by the current crop of bands/artists that are currently during the rounds.

What has got me writing about this as I prepare the next chapter of my next blog on gigs?  Well today I was reading on BBC news that comedian James Acaster thinks that 2016 was music’s best year ever.

I read it and was quite fascinated by this and it got me looking back on 2016 as it is not that long ago and it made me wonder what were my favourites from that year.

Personally I don’t think 2016 was a stand out year for any album release but every year I do a top 10 of what I thought were my personal favourites from that year of all the albums that I bought during those 12 months.

My top 10 for 2016 was:

1 Bob Mould – Patch The Sky

2 Metallica – Hardwired to Self Destruct

3 Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool

4 Dinosaur Jr. – Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not

5 Pixies – Head Carrier

6 The Cult – Hidden City

7 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Skelton Tree

8 Primal Scream – Chasomois

9 Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

10 Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues

So does anybody have a favourite era?  What do you think it was and looking back on 2016 what were the stand out albums for you?

2 thoughts on “What is your favourite era?

  1. Music is something different to us all , I have played in bands since 1984 , achieved nothing And it’s taken me 35 years and counting to get there , still firmly at the bottom , but in truth most of us stay here I am one of millions , but I so love playin And goin to gigs 🙂


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