Some of the gigs I attended in 1991. What I liked about the early tickets was that you had the band logos on them. That didn’t last though.  I really came across a really good page on Facebook called Belfast Concert Photographs of the 1980s.  Some cracker gig tickets of old amongst them.  Please give it a visit.  Some of my tickets are amongst them.

First up AC/DC at the King’s Hall in Belfast 27/04/91. After Iron Maiden this was probably one of the biggest bands going around to see at the time.

I think I had bought Thunderstruck on 7″ single and thought they would be great live.  And they were!  This was quite a memorable gig as my ears were ringing for days! There was a massive bell at the end of the gig followed up a 21 gun salute!  The Belfast Concert Photographs site has some pictures of this gig.  Back in the day before mobile phones.

The next two gigs were in October of that year.

Another visit to the Ulster Hall to see Extreme on 07/10/91. I would get to see them one last time the next year. 

Extreme were doing really well with the release of their second album, Extreme II: Pornograffitti.  I got into them as a recommendation from one of my work colleagues.

I finally got to see Bryan Adams at the Dundonald Ice Bowl on 24/10/91.  I had been a fan since the release of Reckless back in the 80s.  What I didn’t know was that previous to this gig he had been to Belfast before playing at Maysfield Leisure Centre. 

Anyway this gig was memorable for all the wrong reasons. You could feel the ice below your feet whilst standing which wasn’t pleasant. Also this gig marked the end of my interest in his music as my music taste was to take a change in direction with the arrival of grunge.

As mentioned earlier in the post, thanks to Belfast Concert Photographs of the 1980s I now finish 1991 with the missing gig that I didn’t write about first time round as this is now an edited version of the original blog.

I won my first ever pair of tickets via The Irish News to see Big Country at Mandela Hall.  I remember going to see them in the 90s but couldn’t remember what year.  Many thanks to Timothy Richards for allowing me to upload his gig ticket for this as I didn’t have a ticket for due to “winning a pair” which was really a confirmation congratulations letter!

A bit late to Big Country I do remember my class mates in school going to see them in the 1980s playing in places like Avoniel Leisure Centre but back then I wasn’t even allowed to go to gigs when I was in my teens!  This was the only time I ever got to see the band.  They were great live.


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