After going to my first gig the desire to do another one is great. At the start I was relying on friends to want to go with me so unless we liked similar bands there was the likelihood of missing some as I wasn’t comfortable going on my own back then.

A few highlights from that year:

Faith No More came to promote their breakthrough album The Real Thing to the Ulster Hall on 19/4/90. My first gig there and definitely the mentalist gig I have been too.

Iron Maiden at the King’s Hall on 24/9/90. My first Iron Maiden gig. Me and my friends went backstage at the end hoping to meet the band but ended up only meeting the support band Wolfsbane. Little did we know that their singer Blaze Baley would eventually replace Bruce Dickinson.

Last gig of the year was a return visit to the Ulster Hall for English rockers Thunder on 3/12/90.

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